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March 2nd, 2020    

Thanks For The Memories

- Saying goodbye to Mayor Pete

- The 'super ticket'

- Pelosi and her left flank

- Christian frauds

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February 24th, 2020    

Are You Ready, Comrades?

TAV is back! This week discussing what is behind the Sanders momentum. Is it a revolution, or just fed up Democrats?

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January 27th, 2020    

Trials And Tribulations

- No 2020 for old men

- Will the real Bernie please stand up?

- The senate shake up

- I'm not with them!

- The ecosystem

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January 20th, 2020    

Trading Places

Talking a walk down memory lane and reviewing some trade war reporting over the last 18 months

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January 13th, 2020    

Why So Mean?

- Does out mean out?

- The politics of Iran

- Filling the space

- Building apathy

- Bloomberg is the billionaire you can trust

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January 6th, 2020    

Fight Night!

The big debate! 

James and Boogie debate the recent military action in Iraq. 

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December 23rd, 2019    

The 12 Lies Of Pressmass

We see off 2019 by reviewing 12 of the best fake news stories in the corporate media this year! 

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December 17th, 2019    

Cor Blimey

- Schiff and Nadler; The A team

- The great debate

- Uk election highlights

- Hammering Breitbart

December 9th, 2019    

Reframing Everything

The corporate press is engaged in a constant game of reframing. In this episode we drill into the how and the why. 


December 2nd, 2019    

Reality Is The Conspiracy

- Michael Moore fixes Thanksgiving

- Taking Woke back

- Conspiracies!

- Hammering Bloomberg


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